Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Sports

Augmented reality is rapidly penetrating many industries. At first, the technology behind it was developed for video gaming. Now, AR has gone way beyond that.

How are team managers and owners planning on integrating AR into their stadiums? We’ll try to explain in this brief piece.

Game Analysis

US college sport teams are already using AR as a training tool. For example, Stanford University’s Cardinal football team uses AR to analyze game plays during their breaks. AR post-match analysis lets players relive parts of the game as if they were still playing it.

Game Play

Augmented reality will allow football teams to change the way they play, said NFL star and Minnesota Vikings punterChris Kluwe in a TED Talk. Football in particular provides solid footing for AR because players have to wear glass visors anyway. Kluwethinks players will be able to have real time data streamed to their visors through smart eyewear like Google Glass in the future, allowing them to see things such as the speed of the ball, the position of the other players, and the time left in the match.

It is only a matter of time till developers start selling sports teams the AR applications they need to beat their competitors, what with huge trends like Pokémon Go proving augmented reality has more fans than ever now. AR could possibly encourage physical activity without a doubt, but developers need to find out how to turn these short-lived devices into helpful, sustainable health apps.

Notwithstanding the high potential for major changesof the game, AR will change sports mainly in the way they’re being watched in the near future.

Creating a Connection

Seeing a sport from the perspective of an athlete goes beyond literally seeing what they see. You also experience their circumstances – sound, action, the presence of their teammates, the presence of opponents, etc. According to Kluwe, everything is chaos on the field. Players don’t always understand what’s happening in the game. He believes virtual reality can help fans understand why a situation developed as it did.

It is this element of empathy that makes AR so unique and effective. This powerful technology’s empathic elements could forge a living, breathing connection with other people. With time, this will extend beyond sports. We’ll be able to experience what people on the other side of the globe experience, and it will be amazing!